A Typical Project

I've signed up, what happens next?

1. Project Kick Off

During the initial kickoff call, clients are introduced to their website designer and/or developer who will also be known as the Project Manager. Together, we will further clarify the project process, design and layout details and determine the managing contacts for both the Financial Institute (FI) and FIS. At this time, we will also discuss the technical aspects of the project, like who will be maintaining the Domain Names and the DNS. After the call the Project Manager will send meeting minutes to all participants of this kickoff meeting.

2. Mockup Design and Revisions

The Mockup Design phase normally takes several weeks. During this time, the designer will send an initial mockup which can then be modified based on the FI's input and decisions. Larger sites may also require a second internal mockup.

2. Website Build & Content Addition

Once the mockup is approved, we will will begin to build out your website on our development server. Typically, this is the longest phase of the project. Partway through this process, the developer with provide a test link to your development website.

4. Website Final Revisions & QA

When the website build is mostly complete and the majority of the content has been added, the designer and the client will work closely together to finalize any changes. At this time, both the client and the designer will begin a thorough Quality Assurance Test (QA). We will check for any final problems such broken links or incorrect formatting and will also verify that the back-end project tasks have been completed.

5. Project Sign Off

Sign off is required before FIS can make your website live. FIS must be in receipt of your approved sign-off document at least one week prior to your scheduled go-live date.

6. Client Training

FIS will provide Content Management System (CMS) Training via WebEx in order to allow you to get acquainted with the system. During this one hour (approximately) training session, you will learn to make text changes on your own. We recommend that you have at least 2 people from your institution on the training call.

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