If you have branches that work on an appointment-only basis, or if your lenders prefer to meet with clients via appointments, we've created a web form that allows you to schedule meetings via email communication.

Having this form available on your website can significantly decrease phone call volume and give your clients a new, easy method of getting in touch with you.

Example Form

The form to the right does not submit, but you can see the interactivity when selecting Branch, Reason, and Branch Officer.

How it Works

Set Up:

  • The FI provides a spreadsheet with branch locations, meeting reasons, and bankers from each branch who are assigned to those reasons.
  • For example, Lender A and Lender B may be options if the client selected "Loan Inquiry" at a particular branch. 


  • The client selects the branch location, the reason for the meeting, and then the bank officer they wish to meet with. 
  • The client selects a requested date and time slot and submits. 


The form does not by default connect to the FI's CRM software so generally you would want a confirmation message stating something like "We have received your request but the appointment is not guaranteed. We will be in touch with you to confirm."

As with most of our forms, this can be customized to better fit your needs.

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