There's more to a website than just editing text and images! Below are some of the Content Management System's built-in administrative features.

Admin Bar

Once logged in, an easy-to-use Admin interface is available on the left and at the bottom of every page.


Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is an easy way to have access to all the files on your website. Although you can upload images and files directly through the page you are editing, you have more control from here. Folders can be added, files can be moved and renamed, and general organization can be maintained.


Page Management

The Page Manager allows you to see all the pages on your website, even if they are not accessible via the navigation bar (and even if they are pages that are disabled from viewing when logged out.) You have the ability to edit the settings for each page from here, or to go to the page to view/edit.


Recycle Bin

Any pages or modules that are deleted are saved to the Recycle Bin, and it is not emptied until someone actually clicks "Empty Recycle Bin" at the bottom. This way if you accidentally deleted a page (even if you did it a month ago but didn't realize until now,) you are still able to restore the page.

Recycle Bin

Security Roles

Security Roles allow you to create groups of users who can perform different functions, depending on your security needs. For example, if you only wanted one department to be able to edit a set of pages, the site can be configured where only those user accounts or those groups can touch those pages. All the other admin features would be disabled to them. There are numerous settings and configurations for Security Roles, depending on your needs.


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