Marketers rely on platforms like social media, websites, mobile apps and marketplaces to grow business and drive awareness. Safeguarding the investments marketing teams make in social and digital platforms should be the cornerstone of a brand promotion and protection strategy.

FIS Business Risk Intelligence in the digital age means grappling with the speed, volume and diversity of risks associated with the platforms you use every day. Marketers are responsible for protecting their online community from malicious or fraudulent content, impersonations, hacked accounts and trademark infringements, all while growing engagement and driving revenue.

How It Works

  • Define What to Protect: Enable tailored data collection around the brand assets that matter most to your company in order to identify risks to your profiles, pages, conversations, hashtags, keywords, product images, logos, promotions, trademarks, and more.
  • Customize Protection: FIS provides out-of-the-box support for some of the toughest brand challenges, from account hacking, impersonations, offensive content, and copyright infringements. Flexible policies enable customization based on unique needs.
  • Monitor Social and Digital Channels: FIS continuously collects and analyzes content as posts and profiles change. Stay on top of new risks to your brand the moment they emerge and ensure customer engagement is not negatively impacted.
  • Alert on Brand Risks and Remediate: Automatically receive alerts as the platform identifies content that is dangerous to your brand. FIS works on your behalf to directly remove content, profiles, and accounts, including immediately hiding or removing offensive content posted to your corporate pages and blocking offending users.
  • Remediate Account Takeovers: If FIS suspects your account has been compromised, such as if posts originate from unauthorized 3rd-party applications or changes are made to account pictures and bios, automated actions are taken to mitigate damage such as hiding or deleting content posted from authenticated accounts on supported networks. Additionally, FIS will provide the account owner with guidance and next steps to regain access.

Brand Protection

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