Attackers exploit organizations online by mimicking their domains to dupe unsuspecting users into believing they are interacting with the official brand, resulting in compromised customer credentials, scams and a deep impact to customer loyalty.

FIS Business Risk Intelligence finds and eliminates impersonations and domain phishing targeting employees and customers and makes it easier than ever to protect domains against spoofed phishing URLs and other attempts to exploit employees and customers. FIS Business Risk Intelligence provides continuous protection against fraudulent domains, from identification to takedown.

How It Works

  • Identify Domains: Gain visibility of all domain variations and enable immediate continuous protection against typo phishing and advanced attacks.
  • Define Custom Policies: Quickly fine-tune protection to monitor and protect web domains, ensuring users only see the domains that are malicious and targeting their business.
  • Respond to Real-Time Alerts: Receive alerts in real-time and ensure that all remediation is done without lifting a finger.
  • Automate Remediation and In-Line Security: Act against phishing pages or domain squatters by configuring our platform to automatically request removal of malicious sites.

Web and Domain Protection

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